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Brad Taylor


Brad Taylor's story has touched and inspired many people. Below are just a few of the testimonials that Brad has received.

St. Mary's College

3 September 2012

Brad has been speaking to the Year 10 Science students at St Mary's College for a number of years now. His talk is both motivating and moving. Brad makes you believe anything is possible. He connects with our students at their level, and is so giving in what he shares with us. Despite Brad's disability, he has enormous energy and inspires all those who meet him. Most of all he is the most beautiful, courageous and optimistic person you could ever meet.

Joanne Surman
Science Coordinator
St Mary's College

Loretto College

I would like to thank you once again for coming to Loreto College and talking to our Year 10 students about your life with cystic fibrosis. You are truly inspirational. Each year, I sit enthralled as you recount your life, its trials and the ways that you have overcome these obstacles and triumphed.

You have now been coming to Loreto for 18 years and this year, as usual, the girls were fascinated to hear from you. I was especially pleased that a small group of students stayed behind after your talk to ask more questions. I love the way you add to your story each year and of course the girls really enjoy hearing about your wedding and how you proposed to your wife.

This year I was especially pleased that one of our teachers whose husband has just had a liver transplant could join us. She said afterwards that your message of hope and perseverance, even against the greatest odds, was an inspiration to her and that night she discussed your talk with her husband and they found it very comforting.

Thank you again for making the time to come and talk to our Year 10 students. I look forward to it each year, and given that you could hear a pin drop when you were talking it is obvious that the students love hearing from you too.

With much love from all of us here at Loreto.

Loretto College

Blackwood Rotary Club

I have known Brad Taylor for 8 years now and have always found him to be an honest, industrious and totally reliable individual.

I first encountered Brad when he addressed a Rotary meeting at Grange Rotary Club, where he enthralled a large audience with his vast knowledge of his particular expertise on the serious subject of Cystic Fibrosis. Brad is a sufferer of this debilitating condition, and he is able to articulate on all aspects of this subject, with a great deal of accuracy and personal experience during his address.

Since 1998, I have assisted Brad with his fitness regime, and have always been amazed at his achievements in a variety of sports, and his ability to shine through adversity with his cheerful never give in attitude.

On numerous occasions, I have heard Brad captive an audience with his wonderful descriptive story of his struggles coming to terms with Cystic Fibrosis, and getting on with life, and his ability to seize every possible waking moment. He is able to deliver his talk in a most entertaining style, which is both entertaining and enlightening.

Brad is a great orator and is able to deliver his message in a most professional manner with a good deal of humour thrown in. His cheerful outgoing disposition is very refreshing to all who encounter him, and leave you feeling all the better for meeting up with an individual with such a positive outlook on all aspects of life.

Yours Faithfully,

Eric Cotton
Rotarian of Blackwood Rotary Club
Director of Christmas Fairs 2004 & 2005

Elizabeth Downs Primary School

As a year 6/7 teacher at Elizabeth Downs Primary School, I can thoroughly recommend Brad Taylor as an inspirational speaker.  All that he has been through is truly amazing.  the students were so interested and saw how persistence and resilience in someone's life can lead to great success. A motto we use is attitude determines altitude and Brad has certainly reached high altitude with his attitude.

Karen Mckenzi
Year 6/7 Teacher
Elizabeth Downs Primary School

Asthma Foundation of SA

Brad is an amazing man, his lively presentation at the Asthma Foundation of SA’s 2006 Annual General Meeting was insightful and inspiring for our membership and supporters on the night. Brad highlighted that despite the challenge he has with his health, he has still been able to reach a number of high level goals which have only be possible as a result of his commitment, determination and persistence to achieve despite his ill health. He is a wonderful role model for the community, and once you hear him speak, you too will be enthused to achieve, as well as give back to others so they too can achieve.

I do hope that you are feeling more on top of things now, and that you are becoming stronger and stronger, so that you can continue to do your speaking work. I can see that you have more new material now, from which you will build upon, which can only be more inspiring for people to hear.

Best wishes in your work, and I wish you a wonderful Christmas and the very best for 2007.

Pamela Lockyer-Scrutton,
Chief Executive Officer
Asthma Foundation of SA

Western Sweden

Stockholm August 23, 2007

In cooperation with Roche AB, Swedbank had the opportunity to arrange two speeches by Mr. Brad Taylor from Adelaide, Australia, here in Sweden 2003.   Brad told his life’s story in a breathtaking way, I guess as he does every time. Laughter and tears where mixed in a very emotional way.   Brad experiences of never giving up and to prove the doctors were wrong made a great impact on the audience. There were two separate speeches, one at the Swedbank headquarter in Göteborg and one at Roche in Stockholm.   The message from Brad was clear and easy to adapt on your own life situation.   We at Swedbank strongly recommend any company or organisation to listen to Brad Taylor, both members, families, employees and why not invite the customers.    We wish Brad all the best for the future and hopefully lots of people will come and be a part of his life story. We all need an injection now and then of some never-give-up medicine!

Anders Olsson
Marketing Manager
Western Sweden

Hills Mallee Southern Region Health Service

Without knowing what to expect Brad Taylor came to our Regional Staff Awards and gave us a thoroughly inspirational and entertaining recount into the struggles, and hardships he has suffered throughout his life.

Everyone was impressed with Brad’s determination and “Never give up” attitude that he used when facing each new footstep within his life, he certainly convinced us that laughter and a positive attitude is definitely the best medicine. Everyone was amazed to hear how Brad defied the Doctors and Medical Staff alike, to overcome all the obstacles that his condition, Cystic Fibrosis, has thrown at him. It was a very rewarding experience to have Brad talk at our Awards Night, with all those attending giving positive feedback, and responses.

Without a doubt, we would certainly recommend Brad, to anyone wanting a real life story to motivate and inspire their staff, students etc.

Pam Sylvester
HR Director
Hills Mallee Southern Region Health Service

The Smith Family

Brad's story was an inspirational to us all. His conquest of life's hurdles gives meaning to hope and truly tells a tale of mental strength. His delivery was entertaining and enthusiastic with great wit as an added extra. Not only do you walk away feeling lucky, you walk away feeling as if you can do anything you put your mind to. I could have listened to Brad for hours.

Kerstin Thuresson
Event & Volunteer Coordinator
The Smith Family


I have received proactive feedback from many of the attendees (including our other two guest speakers, who are CEO's of Adelaide-based organisations), unanimously praising your efforts and telling me how delighted they were that you performed as keynote speaker.

As I briefed you before the event, times are very tough in the Information Technology industry at present, largely due to the impacts of a soft economy in the United States. My local team has been performing admirably, but under unusually difficult and challenging circumstances. I was hoping that you would help people to look within and realise that it is there that all answers will be found - we are not controlled by external factors - and, let's face it, a difficult business environment is nothing compared to life-threatening events.

The bottom line is that I could not have been more pleased with your efforts. You made a great difference and delivered more than what I asked.

David Kelly
State Manager SA/NT

Aberfoyle Park & Districts Lions Club

Brad Taylor – A Big Man

Every once in a while you meet someone in life with those very special qualities, qualities that are born from a lifetime of pain, suffering and a fierce determination to survive the odds.

I met that someone recently in Brad Taylor, when he spoke at our Lions club dinner.

He related his life’s story entitled “The Seventh Wish” a truly poignant portrayal of his battle to survive the ravages of Cystic Fibrosis.  We laughed, we cried, we clapped and cheered, we were captivated, he was truly an inspirational speaker.  He took us on a journey through his boyhood years, his pain and sorrow, his dreams and the ultimate conquest of his mortal enemy.

It was a powerful story told by an inspirational man.
As a club, we were entertained
As human beings, we were moved
As a man, I am better for having met him.

Lou Sedivy
Vice President
Aberfoyle Park & Districts Lions Club

Weston Raine & Horne

I would recommend you as a motivational and inspirational speaker to anyone who is looking for a real life success story which will inspire many people to achieve more than they thought possible. Your talk was both inspirational and soul searching and numerous people commented to me that it made them count their blessings and reassess the personal problems they thought they had.

Bruce Oldman
General Manager
Weston Raine & Horne

The Professionals South Australia

Thanks for sending Brad Taylor our way! As you know, real estate people tend to be pretty case-hardened, and tough to impress... but Brad's tale of his hard-won victory over Cystic Fibrosis was an inspiration. His determination and persistence have resulted in a story that most people could relate to. He brings a whole new meaning to the term 'survival skills!'... he is a great ambassador... for all who have obstacles in life to overcome

Mike Whitrow CREI
Business Development Manager
The Professionals South Australia

Flinders Medical Centre

They (my group) were unequivocal in their positive comments regarding your presentation and it's value in the course, I am sure that you could see by their immediate response that they learned a great deal and enjoyed your time with them... in fact could be regarded as one of the highlights of the first year... it was precisely what I had hoped for and has been of an enormous educational benefit...

Dr Michael Baigent
Senior Lecturer in Psychiatry
Flinders Medical Centre

Real Estate Institute of South Australia

Brad Taylor was the main speaker at the Real Estate Institute Glenelg Regional Group main function for 1996...his presentation was extremely well received by the members...not only "inspirational"...also entertaining... (the) Group was more than happy with the performance by Brad as their chosen speaker.

Teresa Stark
Glenelg Regional Group
Real Estate Institute of South Australia

Mutual Community Health Insurance

I have had a very positive response from everyone who was privileged to hear you speak. All were amazed at the obstacles you continually overcame. The courage and determination you constantly display are attributes that anyone seeking success requires. You certainly motivated a group of people to take some action and face the challenges ahead more aggressively. It is very competitive in the current private health insurance market and more than often, the difference between success and failure is the frame of mind.

Tony Hall
Commercial Business Development Manager
Mutual Community Health Insurance

"Real life story... dreams CAN and DO come true"
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