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Brad Taylor



Brad gets married! on 21st April 2007

Completed my 4th Adelaide, City to Bay Fun Run on September 17th 1995

Skydived on July 2nd 1994


Winner of NSAA 1998 John Nevins rising star award. (Pictured Left)


Appearance on ABS's Stateline 7/11/07. (External site)

Brad's appearance on Network Ten's Good Morning Australia 1/3/05. (Image)

Skydive landing into Footy Park on Sunday July 3rd

Olympic torch run for the Sydney 2000 games

In Print

Brad's 18th Birthday - Messenger Article (External site)

Sunday Mail - Transplant (Image)

THE AGE - Transplant (Image)

"Real life story... dreams CAN and DO come true"
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